Western European Armaments Group
European Defence Industries Group

WEAG closes on 23 May 2005

The European Defence Industries Group, EDIG for short, set up in Brussels in 1990 as an International Association under Belgian Law, draws its membership from all the national defence industry associations of the Western European Armaments Group nations.

Missions and objectives

The missions and objectives assigned to EDIG are:

  • to carry out and coordinate all studies on scientific, technical, economic and institutional aspects of any matters of common interest to the European Defence Industry;
  • to give advice and recommendations to European governments on policies and other matters of interest to the European Defence Industry;
  • to seek, on a European scale, appropriate solutions to the problems of the European Defence Industry;
  • to represent all its members, particularly in relations with the Western European Armaments Group, which recognizes EDIG as the focus for the views of the European Defence Industry. Each national industry group has appointed a national representative for EDIG matters.

EDIG has currently merged with AECMA (European Association of Aerospace Industries) and EUROSPACE (the association of the European space industry) into ASD (Aerospace and Defence, Industries Association of Europe). For the latest news about ASD, visit their website:   www.asd-europe.org

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